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Greene volunteer ambulance soup supper asking for donations

The Greene Volunteer Ambulance crew are back for their annual soup supper. The event will take place on March 14th from 5 to 7 p.m. and the menu is as follows:


Chicken noodle soup


This dinner will, as always, run on a free will donation basis. The meal cannot take place without donations:

70 lbs. Hamburger

60 lbs. Diced chicken

35 lbs. Carrots

20 bunches of celery

32 lbs. Reames frozen noodles

1-3 lb. cans of decaffeinated coffee

1 large salt containter

25 cakes or bars

2 unfrosted angel food cakes

1 can cooking spray

2 boxes frozen onions

2 lbs. Brown sugar

21 15 oz cans of chili beans

42 15 oz tomato sauce

2 jars chicken bouillon

3 rolls paper towels

3 scotch brite pads

1000 dessert plates

8 boxes roaster liners

Anybody willing to help make the event possible via donation should call 816-4221. One can call West Forty Market at 816-3181 and they can deliver a donation to the community center. 

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