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Charles City schools conceived ‘suicide protocol’ bill makes it to House

A bill about childhood suicide prevention has steamrolled its way onto the Iowa House Floor – and it is co-written by Charles City Community Schools Social Worker Jenna Haglund. 


Todd Prichard, Iowa House Minority Leader and co-writer on the bill, believes the way to catch these problems early is to set-up a suicide protocol in schools that can work to snuff out these issues – which Haglund pointed out to Prichard in 2019.

The proposed protocol would ensure that if a student approaches school staff with any suicidal-like thought, the facility would have a step-by-step plan to follow. This would be in the form of specific questions, calls to action, and re-entry practices for estranged students.


Prior to this bill being floated, nothing in the state of Iowa was customary in a conversation about a child’s mental health. Prichard hopes even if this particular bill isn’t passed, it at least starts a broader conversation on the blind-spot of this topic.

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