Mason City stuck in NEIC limbo; Oelwein set to leave

Mason City has been yearning to be in the Northeast Iowa Conference (NEIC). This change was going to benefit the Mohawks in two main ways: less driving to the Des Moines area for games and a palpably weaker competition. But for now, this request is being put on hold.

According to the New Hampton Tribune, the league is attempting to investigate every scenario to ensure the future of the NEIC – which was founded in 1920.

New Hampton Superintendent Jay Jurrens says, “Right now we’re looking at our options, and I think we’re taking a step back to find out what’s best for us.” 

Mason City with their 800-plus student enrollment is stuck between two drastically in-equivalent conferences. For talent-balancing reasons alone, the Mohawks are due for a change. Over the last three years of athletics, their biggest sports have been tormented by the double-sized schools:

Mason City Boys Basketball Record (2017-2019): 14-36

Mason City Volleyball Record (2017-2019): 19-70

Their girls basketball team has been a considerable highlight for the school, as their record between 2017 and 2019 is 35-22.

Oelwein is currently in strong conversations to leave the NEIC and join the North Iowa Cedar League, which is causing confusion on how viable the NEIC will be going into the future.

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