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Simply Essentials property has possible suitors

The building that once housed Simply Essentials at 901 North Main Street, has been vacant since August 2019. Upon closure, the California-owned company spat out 513 workers into unemployment and immediately shot the unemployment rate in Floyd County to 3rd in the state (currently the 2nd highest in Iowa). 

But now, according to Area Development Coordinator Tim Fox, the looming factory may soon have a suitor. Fox insisted there is at least one potential company interested in the property – with others surely to be on the back-burner.

Fox alluded he knew one of the companies and that they would be an ag-related manufacturer. 

City Administrator Steve Diers is under the impression a possible suitor may want to expand their operations towards Main Street.


Diers believes the city’s purchase of 808 North Main Street, where Cal’s Auto Body currently sits, will offer flexibility to the city and possible company. If need be, Main Street could be redirected now that the city owns the new property.


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