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NIACC’s first bond question being answered tomorrow

NIACC is asking for its first bond referendum in it’s 100 year history. This ask will come to a head on Tuesday when voters will be funneled into their precincts where NIACC will need 60% approval rate in order to pass the bond. NIACC’s ask is $15 million that will be split up between 11 counties around Northern Iowa. 

But people are asking, why now?


NIACC President Steve Schultz says the money would be used in two primary areas: workforce development and general infrastructure.


Schultz says bond interest rates are at an all time low. He also says the $15 million is a conservative ask – as the school is attempting to only purchase essentials that would keep them competitive with other community colleges.


One can vote on Monday by attending their courthouse or wait until voting day on Tuesday where they will need to attend their precincts between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.:

Charles City Precinct 1 – Floyd Courthouse

CC 2 – Messiah Lutheran Church

CC 3 – Trinity United Methodist Church


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