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Charles City city council accepts bid for Main Street Bridge repair project

Another city council meeting, another accepted bid – this time, the Main Street Bridge repair project is now on the books. City Engineer John Fallis believes the trick to this project is updating the bridge without undercutting its historical significance. 

The city will fix cracks on the top shell and raise the road to help with safety concerns. The two bids the city did receive were to have the honors of pumping 10,000 pounds of material into the legs of the bridge. 

The accepted bid was from Jasper Construction in Newton for $280,000. Henkel Construction was the other bid and came in a bit hot with a $328,000 bid – which was rejected. 

The city also wanted to clean and paint the bridge but the bids came in much higher than the predicted $55,000. Jasper bid $115,000 and Henkel bid $104,00 – which were both rejected.

The city decided to wait on the painting part of the project. 


Council Member Jerry Joeger suggests the paint job needs to be done eventually because of the eye-sore the bridge is becoming.

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