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Chickasaw County supervisors OK state audit of EMA, BoH, County Conservation

As of Monday, the Chickasaw County Supervisors are going forward with paying the state auditor’s office reportedly between $3,000 and $5,000 to further investigate the books and issues of the Chickasaw County EMA, the Board of Health, and the County Conservation.


At the supervisors meeting on March 2nd, the board discussed the scope of the state audit. How deep – how wide – they wanted to go with it. They decided to propose the state investigate claims, expenses, payroll, revenue, grants, and a couple other reports.

Supervisor Jacob Hackman played devil’s advocate and made a counter-argument to conducting the audit – debating they already locally paid to find these issues.


But Hackman also admitted, the problems the country is having are ongoing and without outsourcing, he doesn’t know if they can stop them.


The supervisors approved the forwarding of the minutes and audit scope to the state auditor’s office. Hackman estimated the office would have employees in Chickasaw County by April or May.

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