Charles City Public Library to hold ‘Lessons of the Holocaust’ program

History buffs to be put on alert! Those interested in WW2 stories or history in general, might be intrigued to hear a program titled, ‘Lessons of the Holocaust’ will be at the Charles City Public Library on March 30th at 6:30 p.m.


Wilkening’s program will discuss:

“The rise of the Nazi Party and how Hitler came to power in Germany. Wilkening will also share some Holocaust survivor stories. Wilkening’s main purpose for sharing this program is for us all to realize that decisions we make have consequences and not making decisions has consequences as well.”


Annette Dean of CCPL has been to one of Wilkening’s programs in the past and highly recommends it.


The event is set to last about 80 minutes and is free and open to the public. For questions or more information, please contact the library at 641-257-6317.


Carter Melrose

Carter bullied his way onto the KCHA radio waves after spending 4 years at the University of Iowa as a studying journalist. He writes news, short stories, features, but more than anything, he has a proclivity to wax philosophically.
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