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MercyOne New Hampton implementing ‘visitor restrictions’ due to high cases of influenza (flu)

Flu season is commonly between late Fall and late March, with a huge ramp-up in February. In an average year, we would be winding down on influenza (flu) cases in the country. This however, is not the case this year – with infected rates much higher this season. MercyOne New Hampton released a statement this week saying:

“Due to the sustained increase in numbers of positive influenza cases, the criteria has been met to implement Level 2 Visitation Restrictions to further protect our staff, visitors, and patients.”

The Level 2 Visitation Restrictions include:

  • Visitors with respiratory or influenza like symptoms are restricted
  • OB visitation restricted to significant other and grandparents
  • Pediatric visitor restriction limited to parents and grandparents.
  • Patients in isolation are limited to significant other and parents plus 2 visitors
  • Visitors 18 years of age and less are restricted from entering the hospital, unless extenuating circumstances.
  • Special circumstances will be considered/accommodated on an individual basis by the charge nurses/nurse manager

If patients are coughing or have influenza they will need to wear a mask when they enter the facilities.  

For more information visit MercyOne New Hampton’s Facebook page:

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