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Iowa DNR to hold prescribed fires in Floyd, Chickasaw on state land

The Iowa DNR is about to start fires around Northern Iowa. Each fire is prescribed and on state managed land – in Floyd, Chickasaw, Butler, and Bremer counties. 

Some of the areas scheduled for these burns are: the Restoration Marsh in Floyd County; the Upper Wapsi and Wapsi Flats in Chickasaw County, and Lower West Fork and Blackmun Prairie in Butler County. 

These burns will attempt to improve wildlife habitat, kill off harmful plants, help make a restoration of native plants, and prevent wildfires in the future. These types of burns are produced every 1-5 years and can cover an area of 2-300 acres.

Burns take half a day and will be conducted between late March and early May – these burns primarily help ground nesting birds – due to the habitat controlling. 

For more information contact DNR Wildlife Biologist Jason Auel at 319-213-2815.

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