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MercyOne New Hampton: ‘Please do not visit patients at the hospital.’

This past week, MercyOne New Hampton was forced to restrict visitation due to high cases of influenza (flu) in the area. Now, they are furthering those concerns to add coronavirus into the equation. 

A release from the hospital reads simply: “Please do not visit patients at the hospital.”

However, the hospital doesn’t plan on sending a visitor away, the next line reads: “If you must visit, there are only 2 visitors per patient allowed. No visitors under 14 years of age. We need to keep people out of common areas of the hospital, including waiting rooms.”

And to cap off the ground rules, the release insisted a possible visitor to call before coming and to remember that 2 visitors at once is the max.

The hospital also says a visitor needs to be fever, sore throat, vomit, diarrhea, runny nose, and cough free if they plan on making an appearance.

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