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Charles City schools extent spring break through March 23rd to ‘mitigate’ COVID-19 spread

The last couples weeks have been a whirlwind in Iowa – and around the world for that matter. A hair under 10 cases of coronavirus popped up in Johnson County last week and the cancellations started to roll in – the big question began to loom for events and schools alike – cancel now or wait to see what happens?

The Charles City Community School system, after meeting this past week, are taking the former, as spring break will be extended another week to include March 16th through the 23rd to ‘mitigate’ the community spread of coronavirus. A press release from the school reads:

“Although there are no cases of COVID-19 in Floyd County as of Sunday night, medical professionals are encouraging using an abundance of caution. In addition, the Iowa Department of Public Health suggests canceling activities of more than 250 people. Each of our schools is a community of at least this size.”

The release goes on to suggest school will start back up on Tuesday, March 24th. CC schools is working on a long-term plan for students who rely on schools for their meals each day in the event the cancellations continue. Furthermore, the school will “roll-out a childcare plan for healthcare professionals and essential emergency personnel whose work is critical to continue their defense against COVID-19.”

The school has some cushion days to use that weren’t used on snow days that should offset the extra week off.

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