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Chautauqua restricts all visitors; RN reminds public elderly are most at risk for COVID-19

Most deadly cases of COVID-19 have been people over the age of 60 – and coronavirus tends to magnify other health concerns. Understandably, Chautauqua Administrator Sue Staudt is worried about her residents. And as of March 14th, visitation for the homes has been restricted.


A release from the Chautauqua Facebook page reads: 


“All entry doors at all facilities have been locked at this time to restrict unauthorized entrance to

the buildings. Staff members will be screened at the beginning of every shift and necessary

medical personnel will be screened each time they report to the facilities prior to entry.”


Staudt reminds everybody about the 3 main coronavirus symptoms to check yourself for.


For those who will miss their elder and might want to still be in contact, Staudt divulges some alternatives to visiting the facilities. 


In hospice-type particular instances, visiting still gets a bit dicey.

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