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Charles City schools start ‘essential workforce’ free child-care Monday


Charles City Community Schools, along with our partners, will be providing childcare to families working on the front lines of COVID-19.

Childcare for our essential workforce within the community will be provided for parent(s)/guardian(s) starting Monday, March 23  This will be at no cost to those that meet the eligibility. The primary facility for the program will be at Washington Elementary and the secondary facility will be The Learning Center: TLC. The hours of operation will be similar to that of a traditional school day and determined based on the need of the parent(s)/guardian(s) hours. We are committed to staffing the childcare for the length of the day that best fits our community needs so those essential workers can continue to care for and serve our community members.

We want to ensure parents serving in critical roles, defined below, who are impacted by school closures continue to have access to childcare. For those parents with children 12-years-old and younger or a child with special needs up to age 19-years-old, the Department of Human Services will ensure access to childcare located at Washington Elementary and TLC.

Please complete the form by clicking this link if you are a parent/guardian that meets the eligibility stated below.  The Department of Human Services (DHS) is asking for all parent(s)/guardian(s) to complete the form, even if you are currently using an in-home daycare provider or community provider.

DHS has set eligibility for the essential workforce as:

Parents offered this service will be limited to a two-parent household who both work in the following fields or a single-parent household who works in the following fields:

  • All hospital staff 
  • All healthcare providers in private practice and all direct care staff
  • All long-term health care providers
  • Staff who provide critical government infrastructure such as social services, child protection services, other public safety, and help other public health officials
  • Emergency responders
  • Food-service workers including grocery store staff
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