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FCMC talks stingy state criteria for COVID-19 testing

Floyd County Medical Center Administrator Rod Nordeng believes there are probably cases of COVID-19 in Floyd County – problem is – there is a shortage of test kits globally for FCMC to check for it.

FCMC has 11 test kits on hand currently, with hopes to receive some more soon. Many people have been asking locally to get a test for coronavirus done – many of these even carry some of the well known symptoms for the virus. Though, FCMC hasn’t conducted any of the tests so far – which is making locals frustrated. 

Nordeng says the hospital is not going to test anybody and everybody that comes to the hospital. The state has criteria they are currently following.

And the state’s criteria is stingy:

  • Hospitalized patients with a fever and respiratory failure can be considered
  • Or the patient must be over 60 years old with a fever, respiratory failure, and a chronic medical condition
  • Or anyone who lives in a household with a person with a confirmed case of the virus
  • Or lastly, anyone who has traveled to an international Level 3 CDC travel health country/took an international cruise within 14 days of a fever, respiratory failure popping up 

The hospital also reports shortages of face masks, gowns, and IV solutions.

For any questions on COVID-19, one can call 1-800-362-2736 or 2-1-1.

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