Osage Municipal Utilities offering internet-less Osage students free connection

The virus swirling the Earth right now – that postponed most Iowa schools until April 13th – is making the further education of our youth increasingly difficult. Most schools, like Osage Community Schools, are resorting to online instruction – or e-learning. 

Problem is, some students don’t have internet connection at their homes. That is where Osage Municipal Utilities (OMU) is coming in. OMU has been reaching out to area students to help them get connected to their e-learning opportunities totally free. 

Iowa Senator Waylon Brown and Iowa Rep. Todd Prichard wants families to know about these opportunities.


Opportunities for students to learn are popping up all over the internet. Companies like ABCMouse and Scholastic are offering free 30-day trials of their services to lighten the load on parents. 

In terms of internet connection, Prichard thinks parents should be looking around.

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