Former Comet tests positive for COVID-19; talks life in quarantine

There’s 89 reported cases of COVID-19 in the state of Minnesota – and one of them is 2015 Charles City High School graduate Victoria Downey. 

Victoria is 22 years old. A couple of months ago, Victoria’s roommate asked her to fly with her to London. Her roommate is a chef and was going to get the opportunity to study international culinary techniques – Downey decided to accept the invitation.

So, she visited London, and then she came back.

When she arrived back on U.S. soil, the global fear was at a lower volume. The entire trip operated in a semi-normal fashion.


After returning to work, Victoria noticed she was experiencing symptoms of the virus.


Victoria currently works on the support side of the healthcare industry, and so she promptly let her supervisor know about the story and the symptoms. She was then directed to a Minneapolis drive-up testing clinic – where she waited over 4-hours in-line to get tested.

After a week of waiting, Victoria had tested positive. Immediately, all of her roommates and many of her coworkers were quarantined as well. 


Unlike many, her quarantine luckily involves a simple way to get meals and anything her or her roommates might need from the outside world.


Overall, Victoria’s symptoms have been minimal – but she is still taking the macro-overarching threat as seriously as anyone.


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