Charles City locals participate in ‘bear hunt’; ‘Charles City Scavenger Hunt’ is born

The world is just doing its best – to fight the virus, to stay entertained. On Sunday in Charles City, teddy bears were filling trees and windows all over town. This phenomenon has been happening all over the country – and with a couple of internet suggestions from locals, the event took off.

The event involved locals hiding stuffed animals in plain sight for people to find during a rousing ‘bear hunt’. If a bear was found, it was being posted on Facebook.  

Local Heather Schilling even added a twist for those who participated – her Facebook post read:

A little bird wanted me to share that if any family is going on a bear hunt and finds this bear in the window, there will be a box of 40 fruit snacks waiting for them on the front deck!”

Bored parent and CC teacher Phoebe Pittman, thought the city should take it a step further after seeing a city-wide scavenger hunt in Solon, Iowa. She took to the internet and drew up an event called ‘Charles City Scavenger Hunt’ which encourages locals to ‘decorate your window or sidewalk using each day’s theme, then walk to find other decorations!’


March 23rd: Here Kitty Kitty

WHAT TO DO: ‘Decorate with cats! If you want to get in the mood to consider reading some Pere the Cat before decorating or going on your walk!’

March 25th: Joke Day

WHAT TO DO: ‘Find your best joke corny dad jokes are encouraged) and display it for all to see.’

March 27th: Spring Flowers

WHAT TO DO: ‘Spring is in the air! Brighten everyone’s day by decorating with spring flowers.’

March 29th: Finding Nemo

WHAT TO DO: ‘Make any fish you want and then take a “swim” to see how many you can find.’

March 31st: Encouraging Words

WHAT TO DO: ‘Find your favorite encouraging quote and display it for all to see to help lift spirits.’

April 1st: Silly April Fools Day Faces

WHAT TO DO: ‘Draw some silly faces and make people passing your house smile!’

Pittman can’t imagine how boring it might have been during pandemics before computers.


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