Charles City school board to pay hourly/non-exempt employees during shutdown

The Charles City school board met on March 23rd with a ton on the plate. Like most schools, CC is in an education limbo with no past experience to funnel their decisions. At the meeting, Superintendent Mike Fisher over-viewed the coronavirus pandemic and what the school is doing to keep everything turning.

The school system is already participating in grab-and-go meals, day-care for essential workers, and now it was time to reevaluate the hourly workers and what the school would do for them. Coming into the meeting, Fisher’s recommendation was “to approve Pandemic Pay Resolution for Hourly/Non-Exempt Employees as recommended.” 

And in an unanimous vote, the board decided to do just that – to continue paying their hourly workers throughout the shutdown. The workers will receive their hourly pay and benefits for up to 4 weeks. This can get extended if needed. 

This choice was based on the idea that the board wants to stand-behind the staff and make sure they are able to pay rent, buy groceries, and generally spread money into the local economy.

Staff on contract are going to receive their pay either way – but might need to come in during the summer to make up the days missed.


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