Osage schools hold first round of Zoom meetings Monday; opportunities growing

All Virginia schools are closed until the end of the school year. The big question arises: ‘If Iowa follows suit, how do avoid falling behind?’ Many schools, like Osage, are slowly adapting to online Zoom courses for their teachers. Superintendent Barb Schwamman says the school system had their first set of Zoom meetings on Monday – but that they didn’t focus on the curriculum.


Though as of March 24th, these Zoom courses aren’t mandatory. This creates a challenge for educators.


Schwamman, a parent as well, says her senior daughter sometimes has three Zoom meetings scheduled per day – sometimes it is only one.


To check out the Osage online learning opportunities click:

This link also includes the phone number of Osage Municipal Utilities who has pledged to give internet-less students free access until the shutdown is over.

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