Charles City schools FULL update

Iowa schools, like Charles City, are rushing to put their services online, to keep accurate information flowing, and to continue to feed community children who are in need. Every week now, Charles City schools will release a newsletter to the public. This week’s, released March 25th, covers many things. 

Taher, the food supplier of Charles City, is working to get a menu set for daily meals. Currently, they post the next-day menu on their Facebook page:

The teachers of each school in the district have handpicked online learning resources for students. These can be sifted through on their website.

A combination of educators and teachers, namely, Mr. Downing,  Mr. Hoefer, Mr. Taylor, and Mr. Harskamp, created a weekly podcast to help bridge the gap between students and faculty. Week 1s episode was about being ‘above the line’ as a student athlete. 


CC schools are also attempting to give some event-displaced students a place to showcase their work.  Since COVID-19 cancelled both state speech and all-state festival, the school is uploading video performances of the students. 

This week headlines Rosie Baldus:

Communications Director Justin DeVore says the school is planning for an April 13th return date – as scheduled. 

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