First Security Bank: ‘Banking is an essential service. Visiting the bank no longer is.’


Tech upgrades banks have taken in recent years are making it easier than ever to access your funds from a “social distance,” so there’s no need for concern about how to get your banking done while under isolation.

Banks across Iowa – and nationwide – have closed their lobbies to the public, but behind those locked doors is a flurry of activity. Staff members remain in their jobs, and customers are getting the help they need. The phone is ringing, and customers are getting set up with new online services like Mobile Wallet or Bill Pay.

Nearly every bank now offers its customers the ability to manage accounts online through their website or mobile apps, and many of those apps are very powerful: giving customers the ability to open accounts, apply for loans, turn their debit cards on or off, and deposit checks using a smartphone camera. 

“These tech upgrades have gotten to the point of virtually eliminating the need for cash,” said First Security Marketing Manager Matt Bradley. “Customers got into the habit of using debit cards for purchases years ago, but now there’s very little need to touch a card or checkout terminal thanks to Mobile Wallet.”

One major breakthrough that isn’t seen at many banks today is video banking. People still want to have a face-to-face conversation, something that’s been much more difficult since lobbies were closed. First Security Bank & Trust has allowed this type of conversation to continue since 2015 through its network of Interactive Teller Machines. ITMs offer video banking from 7am – 7pm Monday through Friday, and 7am – 1pm Saturday at eight locations in North Iowa. They allow someone to speak with a locally-based teller about their accounts and needs, while taking care of much of what they would normally do in the lobby: withdraw cash, deposit or cash checks, make payments, transfer funds, and a lot more. 

Add it all up, and it’s easy to see how modern banking has become virtually touch-free, safer, and something that can definitely be done at a distance. We urge you to speak with your local banker about how to get started!

First Security Bank & Trust has locations across North Central Iowa and headquarters in Charles City. Member FDIC.



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