Cell phone data indicates Floyd County not social distancing

Our cell phones know where we go and how often we go there. More or less, they know everything we do. And a company called Unacast is using this to determine how well the country is social distancing – by tracking how much we are traveling during the coronavirus pandemic. As of March 28th, the cell phone data they collected indicates the United States is a ‘C’ on the grading scale. Meaning, we are traveling 30% less than normal country-wide.

Iowa, with its sub-350 confirmed cases, are living a bit free-er than other states. The state grades out at a ‘D’ for only diminishing daily travel by 11%; compared to a 30% national average.

Floyd County? As of March 28th, is receiving an ‘F’ on the Unacast grading scale for social distancing. Not only are residents not staying home, they are on average traveling 5% more during this pandemic. This isn’t too surprising as Floyd County, like much of the country, has few test kits on hand. As of March 30th, Floyd County still has zero cases of COVID-19, this is likely keeping the area from complete lock-down. 

Chickasaw County is doing a bit better as they grade out as a ‘C’ – traveling 26% less than average.

And Cerro Gordo, with their 2 confirmed cases, are floating at an ‘F’ as well – with 7% less travel.

Unacast said this about their grading scale:

“Travel distance is one aspect, but of course people can travel far without meeting a soul or travel 50 feet and end up in a crowd — so we know that the real world picture can be quite complex.”

The grading scale for the Unacast ‘Social Distancing Scoreboard’:

  • A: >40% decrease
  • B: 30-40% decrease
  • C: 20-30% decrease
  • D: 10-20% decrease
  •  F: <10% decrease or increase

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