Drive-up testing site opens at MercyOne New Hampton (appointment only)

Hospitals are starting to test for coronavirus on a wider basis. Starting March 30th, MercyOne New Hampton will have their mobile testing site ready for use by appointment only. MercyOne asks patients to both call ahead, and wait until the 4th day of their symptoms as a test may not be accurate until day 4 of the illness.

MercyOne’s Manager of Family Medicine Jessica Flanscha says, “Due to a limited number of test kits available, we are only testing people who meet specific criteria. Phone screens and appointments are required prior to coming to the mobile testing site. We are implementing a mobile testing location to keep possible positive cases away from other sick people. If you’re having mild symptoms, please self-isolate and recover at home regardless if it’s for a cold, flu or COVID-19. Data shows around 80% of cases are considered mild.”

With mild symptoms, MercyOne is asking you not to go to the emergency department.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms call MercyOne at 641-3994-2151:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

The press release finished:

“If you are emergently ill, you should call 911 or call MercyOne New Hampton Emergency Department prior to your arrival at 394-4121.

All patients need to call MercyOne New Hampton Family Medicine at 641-394-2151 to verify they meet the criteria for testing and to schedule a testing appointment.  The public is urged to stay away from the testing site for patient and staff safety.”

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