Former Comet asking for submissions to ‘Virtual Choir Project COVID-19’

The story is the same in the music community: do it from home, or not at all. Harrison Sheckler, a former Comet and a current music student at Brooklyn College in New York City, has created a way to reconnect with the music world via his upcoming ‘Virtual Choir Project COVID-19’.


Musicians and amateur shower-belters alike are encouraged to record vocal showings of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and send it to


After receiving all of the renditions of the song, Sheckler will send the recordings to a mixer who will put all the performances together. 

Sheckler has already floated the idea all around the state and country – he hopes the concept sticks and the finishing product helps inspire collaboration and togetherness during these troubling times. 


April 12th is the deadline for admissions. For full instructions and information on the project:

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