100,000 Iowans apply for unemployment last 2 weeks

Americans – and Iowans specifically – are being laid off by the bucket full. The last two weeks alone, 100,000 Iowans have applied for unemployment benefits due to the coronavirus fiasco. This adds up to over $13 million in total benefits paid to unemployed Iowans before March 27th – this will grow.

The breakdown of unemployment filings went like this:

Food and accommodation services: 12,519

Health care: 7,490

Manufacturing: 7,168

Retail trade: 5,888

And many more.

In America, conversely, the total unemployed has rocketed to 6.6 million in the last two weeks – hundreds of thousands more than even the biggest recessions in the counties history.

The IWD website is receiving a plethora of foot-traffic but have filed most every request that has come in. Payments are not yet authorized and have not been released yet.

To apply for unemployment benefits visit:


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