It is going to be an odd Easter; Charles City pastor talks hope, fear, God, and COVID-19

This week is capped by Easter – one of the two major religious holidays of the year. And really, nobody is talking about it. Except of course for Charles City’s E-Free Church Pastor Mike Downey. He thinks this week and holiday is primed to bring people hope.


One thing is certain: nobody will be allowed inside a church this Sunday for Easter. Downey thinks people will lose a lot by being forced to listen to the services online.


During mass panic events like 9-11, people flocked back to churches in the thousands. Downey believes that type of religious resurgence for the virus is inevitable. 


But the fear will pass. To Downey, a real belief in God is the only real way religion will stick in someone’s life.


The coronavirus is also continuing to hit closer and closer to home – Downey’s daughter, former Comet Victoria Downey who currently resides in Minnesota, was one of the first confirmed cases of the virus in that state.


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