Charles City Park and Rec Director: locals can play disc golf, tennis, golf, and pickleball still; need to follow new guidelines

Not everything is cancelled – we still have the outdoors, and the games that the outdoors can supply us with. Namely, disc golf, tennis, golf, and pickleball. All of which, Park and Rec Director in Charles City Tyler Mitchell says the community can still participate in. The locals just need to follow some guidelines. 

These guidelines are posted all over the city and include:

  • 5 people or less in a disc golf group and use own discs
  • Use one ball if playing tennis or pickleball
  • One person to a cart if playing golf; unless in the same family

And a couple others. Mitchell discusses the golf course guidelines further:


Mitchell does want people to know about the closures too:


And finally, the dog parks are open, but have some rules.

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