Local campground to remain open for permanent residents

Charles City, Iowa – With the latest closures mandated by Governor Reynolds at her press conference on Monday, one of the listed entities was the closure of campgrounds.

While the Governor didn’t specify if that meant state campgrounds or private campgrounds, KCHA News contacted Randy Vandevetter, owner of “R Campground” in Charles City.

Vandevetter said that while the shower house and restroom facilities at his campground will remain closed until further notice, his biggest concern is that there are permanent residents who live in their campers year-round.
He said that he has had residents who work in or near Charles City and utilize their camper as their permanent residences and he doesn’t feel he can ask them to leave when they have no other place to go.

According to Governor Reynolds, the latest closures still include the date of April 30th. When Vandevetter was contacted by KCHA News, he said he had not received any official report that he is to close his campground.

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