Charles City schools decide to choose ‘voluntary educational opportunities’; Mediacom offering free internet to students

Gov. Reynolds recently put Iowa schools on alert. After April 12th, schools would need to choose 1 of 3 learning options recommended by the state. 

Charles City schools ruled out both option #1 and #3:

Option #1 – The school district remains closed and the school provides no support or resources for its students. Days and hours missed would need to be made up. 

This option, Charles City Schools ruled out immediately. 


Option #3 – The school will provide learning opportunities and resources that are fully graded and required. Virtual lessons will be provided and districts who chose this option will not have to make up the days and hours missed during the closure. 

This one would require the entire school district to have internet connection – which Charles City does not boast.


So, the district chose option #2:

Option #2 – The school district provides learning resources and opportunities for their students on a voluntary basis. Teachers can provide feedback to the students, but no grades or marks can be given out for the work provided. If chosen, districts would not need to make up the hours and days missed.


These promises include:

  • Provide new or updated learning opportunities/activities to your students a minimum of once a week.
  • Provide feedback within 24 hours of being contacted by students/parents Monday-Friday.
  • Communicate with each student a minimum of once a week (phone calls, emails, other technology, etc.)

Superintendent Mike Fisher says, “just ask,” the school system for more opportunities or resources if your student is a high-flyer.

For Comets struggling to find a solid internet solution, Mediacom in Charles City is offering a ‘Connect to Compete’ program for families. This means free internet access for 2 months, no deposit, no contract, no installation, no equipment. Families qualify for this program if they are currently enrolled in the ‘free/reduced lunches’ with the school and are not currently a Mediacom customer. Call 1-855-904-2225 for more information.

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