Riceville schools get new principal; literary curriculum

Time for our monthly Riceville schools update. To start, Riceville, just like the entire state of Iowa, is done with school for the 2019-2020 school year. Superintendent Barb Schwamman joined Middays with Melrose on Tuesday to discuss the details.


Even though school is over, voluntary learning opportunities will continue for the district. And so will the development of their teacher’s curriculum.


The last two years, Riceville’s enrollment has shot up over 75 students. This is allowing the district to implement a ton of amenities into the area – such as the Wildcat Activity Center currently in construction. Schwamman says it recently gave the school the resources to add a new principal and use the 1.25 model.


Monthly updates on Riceville will continue throughout the year. Check back on so you don’t miss a story!

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