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FCMC doctor talks ‘Ladies Night’; telehealth

The Floyd County Medical Center’s Dr. Angela VanGuilder recently announced the postponement of a highly regarded FCMC event titled ‘Ladies Night’. During this event, woman came to the hospital and discussed ways to take care of themselves better and learn more about women-specific health topics. She says the event was very popular in 2019 and that she hopes she can do it in the Fall.


VanGuilder also explained more about the hospital’s new telehealth service. She says it was an easy way for her and her coworkers to stay safe while still staying contact with their patients.


She says telehealth is not very complicated and that everyone should be able to figure it out.


The implementation of telehealth at FCMC could open the door to possible post-coronavirus internet appointments for those who need it – like nursing home patients.


To contact Dr. VanGuilder and schedule a telehealth appointment call her clinic at 641-257-4309.

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