27,912 Iowans applied for unemployment benefits (April 12-18)

Many, many Iowan’s are keeping their ships afloat via unemployment checks. And between April 12th and the 18th, 27,912 applied for unemployment benefits and were added to that list. Comparably to prior weeks, this number has tapered off. Only weeks ago, 40,000 plus unemployment for a week span was the norm. 

Benefits wise, over $48 million has been distributed to Iowans for the week of April 12-18.

The lost jobs were mainly from manufacturing as 5,143 lost their income. Health care follows at a close second with 3,985 lost jobs. And self-employed, retail trade, and food services make up the three, four, and five spots.

There are currently 253,557 unemployed Iowans and $169 million have been allotted to them in benefits. 

For more information email your questions to or call 1-866-239-0843.

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