Rotary Clubs in Northern Iowa funding food banks; CC Rotary Club helps telehealth and PPE efforts

The Rotary Clubs in Iowa towns all over state are supposed to keep their fingers on the pulse of their communities – as portions suffer, the Rotarians are tasked with responding accordingly to patch up the given leak.

And right now, there are several leaks. 

One of these being, the difficulty unemployed families are finding it to pay for food.

A corporate press release reads: 

Local Rotarians heard the call, applied for, and received a Disaster Response Grant from the Rotary International Foundation to help.  The local clubs have asked that the District present a check to the Iowa Food Bank Association in the amount of $24,000 for immediate distribution.”


District 5970, which refers to the Rotary Clubs in Northern Iowa, includes Charles City’s club.

District Governor Michele Bell says the individual Rotarian clubs could have chosen a plethora of relief options for their given communities but 24 chose to help with $1,000 in food relief.


Alternatively, Charles City’s club took the funding in a different direction. President Kay Winkleman says their local contributions instead focused on telehealth and PPE’s for medical facilities.


District Governor Bell says these individual decisions were made based on what the Rotarian felt their community needed the most. 

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