Charles City Kmart thief gets a deferred judgement

The Charles City Kmart closed in early February of 2020. The employees of the local superstore were keyed in on this fact months before – as early as October of 2019. After this, 28 year old employee Kenin Neve started to nab merchandise from the economically collapsing store.

Neve ended up stealing over $6,200 worth of cash and merchandise from the store – accumulating a 2nd degree theft and Class D felony count. 

Neve pleaded guilty to the charges as security and management were able to spot him stealing money from the store’s cash bags. 

The Floyd County Attorney’s Office recently recommended a deferred judgment for defendant. 

And on April 22nd, the district judge placed a civil penalty of $750 on Neve. In addition, he would be under 2 to 3 years of probation and would need to repay Kmart $5,645. If all of this is adhered to, Neve will have the charges erased from his record.

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