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Charles City man pleads not guilty to vehicular homicide charge; trial date set

Charles City man, Jesse Duane Blade, who was charged with homicide by vehicle-OWI back in October of 2019, has pleaded not guilty to all of his charges and will face trial on August 4th of this year. 

The 30-year-old Blade was driving on Glass Avenue near Rudd and failed to stop at a stop sign and hit the side of a minivan carrying Royce Fisher, who was killed in the accident, and three other passengers. The injuries suffered tacked onto Blade’s charges; as he was charged with 3 extra counts of serious injury by vehicle – those injured in the accident were Sarah Fisher 51; Ronald Fisher 57; and Aidyn Kline 11.

During a toxicology report, it was found Blade had a blood alcohol level of 0.137%. He also had traces of cocaine in his system. For the results of this test, he was charged with a OWI after the accident.

According to reports, Blade was driving 53 MPH in a 25 MPH zone when he went through the stop sign. 


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