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Floyd County contemplating allowing ATVs on country roads

The Floyd County supervisors may soon make area ATV owners very happy – as on Tuesday the board revisited whether ATV owners could use rural county roads. 

A common argument being floated complains that the current rules only allow ATV owners who live on gravel roads to have legal access to these roads. 

The new ordinance being discussed would allow ATV owners to drive on hard-surface country roads. Highways would still be off-limits; but ‘minimum maintenance roads’ could be used as well.

The ordinance would restrict the access to drivers who are aged 16 or above, with a valid driver’s license, proof of liability insurance, and a certification from an ATV driving course.

Drivers must also follow a strict 35 MPH speed limit. 

Those who don’t adhere to these rules would be susceptible to a civil penalty up to $750; and a $1,000 on any subsequent charges.

The Supervisors have put the ordinance discussion on the agenda for their next meeting.

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