Former Charles City Comet loses final collegiate art show to virus, here is her work:

Much of what an artist is tasked to do lies within finding a handle on how to get what’s inside;out – to show it off on a canvas; on a wall. Every year, senior art students at the University of Northern Iowa have a last exhibit where this attribute is tested, and the culmination of their 4 years of hard-work and self-work is finally seen. Megan Roethler, a former Charles City Comet and current senior at UNI, was slated to have her work showcased on the program’s biggest stage this semester- that was of course, before the coronavirus took it away from her.


Recently, Roethler got to revisit her art building for the last time as a student to take down her work – as she walked through, it felt eerie.


Roethler’s work, titled ‘Tomboy Brain’ is all about how our memories scatter and in different places around our body and how smells and touch can trigger them. 

Roethler says, “The concept of awakening your ‘inner child’ can be applied to much more than just happy memories or behaviors. Trauma is intertwined into many of these hidden components of ourselves, especially from adolescence and childhood.”

Here are some of the photos from the gallery:

For many seniors, the virus cancelled the last time they would be exhibited as an artist. This doesn’t apply to Roethler, as she plans to continue attempting to scrape what’s inside;out, well into the future.

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