Osage senior ‘borrows’ 91 school forks for prank; superintendent and principal help finish it

This past year at Osage High School, a senior student had been taking forks from the lunch room. One every single day she ate lunch. Her goal was to take (or ‘borrow’ might be a better word for it) enough forks to spell out ‘Class of 2020’ in the new Green Devil gym on the last day – this was her version of a senior prank. By the time the virus had cancelled school, she had nabbed 91 forks. 


If 2020 was on a different overall trajectory, it is estimated this student would have over 120 forks by now. 

But, as everyone knows, school was cancelled through the end of the year. This made the fork-bandit a bit panicky. School was locked and closed and her locker was filled with 91 forks – how would she even explain that?

She told a trusted teacher in the school system about the prank. This information found its way to Superintendent Barb Schwamman and Principal Timothy Hejhal who both decided to help the student finish her prank.


Schwamman says it was a harmless prank and she never thought about punishing the student for it – especially because she has a senior child of her own.


This entire week in the country is Teacher Appreciation Week in the country and Schwamman wants all of the district’s employees to know that she notices and appreciates their hard work.

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