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The Charles City city council discusses: When will the Lion’s Field Pool open this year?

Swimming pools around Iowa – i.e. the Lions Field Pool in Charles City – are all watching Gov. Reynolds intently to hear when or if they will be allowed to open this summer. Charles City Parks and Rec Director Tyler Mitchell says the Gov. would probably need to inform the department of an opening order before July or it might not even be worth opening at all.

Mayor Dean Andrews says the city normally would consider filling the pool soon – though, they will be refraining from this until they get more direction.


If Gov. Reynolds gives Lions Field Pool the ‘OK’ to open, the city would quickly fill the pool and add the chemicals. After that, the pool would most likely open 2 or 3 weeks after that confirmation announcement.

Other concerns pop up when a person considers attempting to adhere to social distancing protocol in a chiatic swimming pool setting. Andrews says capacity might need to be cut down heavily and they don’t want to have to resort to sending people away.

The pandemic also produced a shortage of lifeguards who are ready to stand-guard at the pool upon opening.


Mitchell confirms that last year the pool had 32 lifeguards on staff. This year, only 13 are signed up to work this year.

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