Almost a year after the tornado: Floyd County Fairgrounds working on ‘a lot of projects’; finishes playground set

It’s been a little short of a year since a May 27th 100-110 MPH tornado tore apart the Floyd County Fairgrounds; an event 2019 FFA Member Alex Staudt called ‘unbelievable’ in terms of the tornado’s destructiveness. 

In 2020, the Fairgrounds continue to rebuild and add to the property. 

Just this week, FFA members and Floyd County Fair Board members worked together to finish a playground set donated by Betty Staudt. Fairgrounds President Amy Staudt says the set will make the area more attractive to children and adults alike.


Amy Staudt also says the Fairgrounds staff are juggling a couple of projects at once.


When erecting the play-set, the team made sure to attempt to keep a safe social distance.

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