Many Charles City churches decide to stay closed through May; at least one providing drive-up services

Churches can recommence in-house worship. Though most in Iowa are choosing to wait out the virus a bit longer. The same is going on in Charles City as St. Johns Lutheran Church is committed to not reopening until at least June 1st. Senior Pastor Russ Leeper explains this decision but admits he doesn’t know why specifically the June 1st deadline.


Leeper says it is also taking a lot of planning to visualize how church would conduct itself – while committing to social distancing as a standard.


Leeper says the St. Johns board will be having a meeting on Tuesday to hash out the details of the future of the church. 

And other churches in the area are trying to find innovative ways to physically be together without putting anybody in danger. Messiah Lutheran Church in Charles City is holding outdoor drive-up services at 9:15 a.m. for the next couple of Sundays.


Erik Hoefer, who will be performing the sermons each week, details how the church plans on keeping everybody safe.


Hoefer says even though the government guidelines have become less strict, the church has no plans of putting anybody in potential danger.

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