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Charles City school board approves purchase of city property near Comet Field

With the construction of the new sports complexes, the Charles City school district lost some of its practice areas – especially land used for shot put and discus practices. The district has their eyes on purchasing three properties in that area to supplement this issue. One of these properties is owned by the city of Charles City and the city is allowing the school to pay a minimum cost of $15,000 to buy the parcel of land.


One of the other properties the school is in ‘informal discussions’ with purchasing is a strip of land owned by the state of Iowa with the Armory. However, the state will allow the school to use the land either way.


In relation to the city’s property – East of Comet Field: 

“The tentative plan is for the Council to set the Offer to Buy for a June 1 hearing date at its May 18 council session. Following approval on June 1, the City can enter into the Offer. The purchase price shall be $15,000. The offer was drafted by Brad Sloter, City attorney and reviewed by the District’s attorney, Conner Wasson.”



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