Floyd County virus testing ramps up, so does number of cases; currently sitting at 9 confirmed cases

For a while there, Floyd County was one of the few remaining Iowa counties without a confirmed case of COVID-19. That changed on April 29th as Floyd County got its first confirmed case. And now, exactly two weeks after that development (May 13th), Floyd County is up to 9 total confirmed cases.

According to, all-in-all Floyd County has tested 372 total locals. 35% of those tests were taken between May 11th and the 12th – with a record 109 tests taken on May 11th. Meaning, testing in Floyd County has exceedingly ramped up over the last couple of days.

To put these testing numbers in perspective in Floyd County:

Average number of tests taken between March 17 and May 5: 3.7 tests per day; and 0.04 confirmed cases per day

Average number of tests taken between May 6 and May 12: 27 tests per day; and 1 confirmed case per day

The number of cases in counties surrounding Floyd County are seeming to slow down in comparison:

Chickasaw County has had 1 new confirmed case in over 2 weeks and sits at 7 total cases.

Mitchell County is steady at 3 confirmed cases, with their last being on April 29th.

And according to, Cerro Gordo County, with almost triple the population of Floyd County, is at 14 cases – without a new case in over a month.

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