New Hampton to hold ‘Little Miss Heartland Pageant’ virtually this year

Many in New Hampton were devastated to hear the city had lost its most beloved annual event to the virus. Heartland Days, held fondly by most of the area, was pronounced lost early this year. Emma Schwickerath decided it wouldn’t be right to allow every event to be cancelled.


The Little Miss Heartland Pageant will be conducted completely virtually on the recently popularized Zoom app. 


Potential applicants must be going into 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade this next year.

Schwickerath says the pageant usually has between 10 and 15 children participating and admits that with Zoom having no limit could encourage an even higher number of applicants. 

And, the winner of the pageant gets to be treated like royalty in New Hampton until the next year’s event.


For those interested in throwing their name into the mix:

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