Charles City Comprehensive Systems (Crestview) announces COVID-19 outbreak

A spike in COVID-19 cases appeared in Floyd County this last week. On May 8th, the county had 2 cases; 7 days later and the area is teetering at 10. People were wondering: where are some of these new cases coming from?

On May 13th, the community got its answer.

A Facebook post from Comprehensive Systems in Charles City read:

“Comprehensive Systems is experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19 at the Crestview facility in Charles City. An outbreak is defined as having three or more individuals testing positive for the virus. At this time, the cases are isolated to Crestview. Comprehensive Systems is communicating with the Iowa Department of Public Health and continues to monitor the situation daily.”

On May 11th, Floyd County tested a record setting 104 locals for the virus. 

The post continues:

“All individuals at the Crestview facility will be tested and testing is being offered to all Crestview staff members.”

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