Charles City Parks and Rec recommend the Lion’s Field Pool not open this year; now up to the city council

The Parks and Recreation Director in Charles City Tyler Mitchell talked it over with the State Park Association, other Park and Rec directors from across the state, and the CDC – none of them suggested to him that Charles City should open Lion’s Field Pool this year. 


After Mitchell presented his findings, the Charles City Parks and Rec board unanimously decided to recommend to the city they don’t open this year.

Though, now it is completely up to the judgement of the city council – a decision that will be made at their meeting on Monday night.

Mitchell says for the pool to open this summer, the Lion’s Pool team would need to juggle a large number of precautions.


Another issue that arises as Charles City looked into opening the pool was the amount of new training lifeguards would need to go through in order to accurately supervise the swimmers. 


Surrounding towns have already, or are close to, announcing a summer-long closure of their own. Mason City’s pool will not open this summer – and in the coming weeks Mitchell expects many more in the area to cancel too. 


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