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Charles City 4th Avenue to reopen by the end of May

One of the most active roads in Charles City, 4th Avenue, is still being blocked off. John Fallis, city engineer says this won’t continue too much longer.


According to Councilman Phil Knighten:

“Every year the city hires contractors to line the inside of current piping with CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) lining within the city to extend the life and durability of said piping. This year a large segment of sewer pipe in this area set to be lined could not be completed until the manhole on 4th Avenue near C street was removed.

Once the manhole was removed, the extent of the condition of the sanitary sewer was exposed and the need to take emergency corrective action was determined. The piping is in very poor condition and presents a risk of collapse, which would cause great damage to the city sewer system and the structures in the immediate area.”

Fallis says after the 4th Avenue work is complete, the city will continue to line other pipes within the project.


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