First Charles City schools 2020 graduation to be held Sunday; a second formal ceremony still to be announced

The first of two graduation ceremonies for the Charles City school seniors is slated for this Sunday, May 24th from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Charles City High School parking lot. In order to make it safe and efficient, Communications Director Justin DeVore says the kids will be spaced out over a 7-hour period.


During this ceremony, students are urged to bring back their Chromebooks, textbooks, uniforms, and anything that belongs to the school.

DeVore says this will not be the only graduation ceremony that the Charles City seniors will be participating in:


Sunday graduation time slots for specific last names:

12-1 p.m. for A-C 

1-2 p.m. for D-F

2-3 p.m. for G-H

3-4 p.m. for I-M

4-5 p.m. for N-Q

5-6 p.m. for R-S 

6-7 p.m. for T-Z

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