Time to round the bases: Charles City Comet baseball and softball ‘anticipated’ to start practice June 1st

And just like that, America’s pastime is back. 

On May 20th, Gov. Reynolds gave Iowa high schools the opportunity to start practicing baseball and softball on June 1st.

According to Charles City Athletic Director Todd Forysth, the scheduling is being heavily revamped on all levels. Though across the state, the timeline is the same.


Due to a time crunch, Forsyth says the Comets will be giving a major priority to conference games – with a conference game being played Monday, Wednesday, Friday of each week.


Communications Director Justin DeVore says Comet fans are being encouraged to bring their own chairs – as the bleachers will be taped off to promote social distancing. 

DeVore also alludes that the concession stands will not be open during games and that Comet practices will be closed to the public.


With Charles City’s new softball and baseball complexes, the teams have been eager to get on the fresh diamonds. DeVore says the school system had a big opening day planned for the new complexes but may wait for 2021 to unveil those plans.

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